If you are a victim
or wish to report
an incident,
call us toll free,
24 hours a day,
7 days a week 


Checklist of things to be done 

  • Update Refugee Family Strengthening descriptions - SL

  • Correct requests for shelter stat - TG (done)

  • Finalize Fair mininum budget number - TG & SL (done)

  • create recommendation for page 6 - TG (done)

  • link finalized pdf - TG

  • Emphasize older victim piece with sidebar -TG (done)

  • finalize numbers that have an "x" - SL (done)

  • check blurbs for culturally specific populations - SL

  • social change component to rec 3 - TG (done)





Check for typos in both website and pdf versions


End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin

Wisconsin Governor's Council on Domestic Abuse

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